Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sommet de Espinouse, Herault.

Glorious walk up on the Espinouse mountains. We started by driving up from Mons via the col de Fontfroide,(this is a very dramatic route by car up into the mountains) on to Cambon-et-Salvergues and up to the Sommet de Espinouse, where our 10.5km walk began. Start by taking the GR(red/white) track to your left at the parking/picnic area. The track goes between the mouflon area so you must stay on this path. It's a lovely route with open areas, trees, wild flowers and butterflies. (You don't get to see the big views down into point sublime on the route, that comes later on the drive back down). Keep right at the bottom of the hill and pass out of the restricted area. Then turn right onto the GR/cycling track. This takes you back up to the road. There is a way passed the sanctuary without entering but I didn't have the route on me and so kept to the GR all the way to the road and turned right taking the road back uphill to the parking. Our route back came via the dramatic Pas de la Lauze, col de l'Ourtigas following the D180 back to Douch, Rosis, Combes and down to the valley bottom at Le Poujol-sur-Orb.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Le Tour du Mouscaillou, Rosis, Hérault, France.

Le Tour du Mouscaillou, Rosis. This is a simply beautiful walk in very peaceful surroundings with magnificent views. The walk is fairly easy and not too long, taking just two to two half hours. 9km. Mostly blue markers. We have done the whole walk before but made a variation on it today to take in some different views. The walk starts by parking in the parking area on the col de madale. Walk about 50m up the road towards Rosis and turn left down a small road to Le Luc. Cross a bridge and pass a track to your right, then look out as you walk about 50m beyond for a tiny grassy track down to a small bridge, the route is marked with small blue dots. Cross the bridge, keeping right ascend the hill to the house and turn right through the beech wood. Now follow this small track through the woods to Rosis. Just below the chateau you will come to a bridge across the stream, cross and take the path to reach the front of the chateau. Pass in front of the chateau and turn right to reach the road. Now cross the road and pass through the hamlet, taking a tiny path at the top that takes you along and stone walled route to the forest. Once you have walked to the end of this track you will reach the col d'Aussieres. (The main route continues down past the green water container and back up the hill via the col de vente vieille but we changed the route this time). Our route leaves the blue markers and makes a magnificent detour up the wide grassy path opposite to the top of the gently curved summit of Massaral and onto the rocky outcrops of the top of Mouscaillou. There are fantastic views up here of the Monts d'Orb, Caroux and over to Saint Gervais below. Now retrace your steps to the col and head left down the wide, zig zagging track to reach the road. Turn left onto the road and the car park is about 100m beyond. Super walk, with no difficulties.

Chemins de Haut Languedoc, Caroux. no 7. Great book.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Foret Domaniale du Somail, Col de la Frajure, Fraisse sur Agout.

A nice walk in the cool today above Lac du Laouzas, in the Foret Domaniale du Somail. The walks starts from the Col de la Frajure, between Fraisse sur Agout and Nages. D162a. There is a good parking area here with picnic tables. There is a blue walk here that appears to go the opposite way around to our walk and a little further down Ours was about 8km. Take the lower track through the cool beech woods until you reach a fork to left, this takes a bend and into lower trees, bringing you to an area where tree clearance operations are underway. Keep left and then uphill on a grassy track to meet another track coming from your right. Continue up on the track around Le Serre with lovely views of the valley and hills. Soon you join the main track picking up the coloured route once again. Continue up to the top and then down on this track to reach the parking area once again with a view of the lake below. Lots of flowers and butterflies on this route.

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Sentier du Four, Fraisse-sur-agout. Herault

Sentier du Four, Fraisse-sur-agout. Herault. small wooden markers, 9km (but walking blogs say 6.5km), 2.30 Hours. This is a lovely cool walk, mostly in woodland and rolling countryside. Plenty of water for dogs. The walk starts in the center of Fraisse-sur-agout, where you can park next to the OT office. Walks details are available there apparently. Follow the little wooden markers in the direction of the red/yellow GR markers to your left in the direction of la sagne. At first on the road and then turning off onto a grassy track through the woods to a pretty small lake. keep left up the hill now to reach the Buvette at le Pioch. Now turn left onto the little road to reach a standing stone. You leave the GR now and enter the pretty hamlet of Cambassy. At the pond turn down a track to reach a building where you join a small road once again, but very soon turn left down a tiny path next to running water. This will bring you to the main road where you turn left and cross the road to take the right turn to the river. After the river the track turns left into the woods. Keep on this track to reach La Roque. Then take the small road down to cross the stream and bear right up the hill. At the top of the hill you will come to a junction of tracks. The track is on your left and shorty turns right downhill to walk between fields before reaching the road . Turn left to return to the village. The are two cafes in the village, with ice cream available, but I wasn't bought any even though I had carried lunch all the way.

Monday, 17 July 2017

Mauroul, Herault.

Beautiful early walk at Mauroul this morning. We took our break down to the waterfalls and did the short 45 minute walk around this very pretty area, following the very pretty streams. The streams are all very low at the moment but it's still a lovely cool place to walk. There are a number of picnic benches, blue markers and easy walking here. Plenty of parking and a toilet too. When you reach the village turn right up the slope to reach a small concrete track over the stream. By taking this track you can continue walking on a broad easy, level track with amazingly beautiful views of the mountains. Much of this is under the shade of trees. Finally you reach a large gate where the wide track finishes. Here you can continue on a small path up to your left to reach the col des cazalets or turning right and continuing down to the col des codouls near Le Cros, above Olargues. This walk takes about 1.30 to 2 hours depending on what you do. It's easy to reach the Montahut from here via the GR7. the lower walk is recommended for hot weather.