Sunday, 27 August 2017

Knowlton church, near Cranborne, Dorset

Knowlton church. A 13th century. Norman church built on the site of a 2500 year old Earthworks. Parking for about 5 or 6 cars. Free. on the B3078 near Wimborne St Giles. A wonderful place to visit at Sunset. Only a short walk around the rings and church but a lovely place to sit and take it all in.

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Ogdens. New Forest.

Ogdens to High Corner Inn, then on through Holly Hatch turning after the second gate to return via Splash Bridge, and on to the top of the hill, around the woods and along the sandy path above the two witches. The route continues down to reach the car park, around 5.2 miles. Easy with very beautiful views.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Tyneham and Worbarrow bay, Dorset

Tyneham and Worbarrow bay for a beautiful 3.5 mile walk with two steep climbs and a steep descent. The beach is just lovely there, the views are far reaching and perfect and the Tyneham project is quite remarkable. The walk starts in the village. There is a huge car park (only £2 donation to the project). Walk up through the abandoned village, past the church to find a path marked by yellow post up the hill through the ranges. It reaches the top and turns left to continue along the top of the ridge. At Flower's barrow turn left and go down the steep path to the beach. Amazing views throughout the walk. At the beach you have a choice. We spilt up here with Martin taking the route through the valley back to the farm while I continued up the Gold Down for wonderful views towards Kimmeridge. The path heads down again once it reaches a gate and follows the yellow markers back to the farm. The farm has been beautifully restored and there are lots of super picnic spots both in the gardens here and throughout the walk. (There is also a free car park at the top of the ridge, but the project is amazing and worth the donation). If you prefer a short walk you can just walk down to the beach, no more than 2 miles return and enjoy the project. Great place for children.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Le Saut de Vezoles from the col de Cabaretou

Le Saut de Vezoles from the col de Cabaretou above St Pons. 6km/GR7 (red/white+yellow) 1.30h . This is normally a lovely cool, easy walk that is mostly level, through the woods to the lookout but of course today it was one of the hottest days of the year and it was even 28 up there but that was better than 38c lower down. The walk starts by parking at the picnic area on the col and following the GR to reach a yellow route to the Lac de Vezoles. The walk is mostly along a forest track with views of the valley below from time to time. Turn for the lookout and after a short distance through pretty heather covered slopes you will come to the wonderful view of the waterfalls from the lookout. There is a font along the way by in was mostly empty so take water for your dog if hot. This walk can be extended to include the yellow circuit up to the lake adding another 4km to the walk or a circuit of the lake as well which adds another 9km to the distance. Returning the same way or you can take the forest track opposite the view point.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Le Devois, Graissessac.

Le Devois, Graissessac. Yellow. 5.30h/12.5km or 2h/6km. We enjoyed the shorter walk. This is a beautiful walk on lovely old paths with wonderful views. It's a steady climb up through pretty woods and then follows a stream and ravine back down to the village. The walk starts by park next to the cemetery and walking back down to the edge of the village. Turning left onto La Rue de La Roque. The little path zigzags for a bit and then crosses a wider track. It steadily climbs to reach a house. La Maison des Cazalets. The col here is lovely, with wonderful views. The track turn right and continues to reach a junction of tracks. Here the variant turns left onto a lovely little track through the chestnuts (tank of water for dogs here). At the head of the valley, you come to a ruin and the path turns down from here along the edge of the ravine/little stream. There's plenty of water for dogs here. Keep following this path down to cross the stream next to a house and the junction of the main walk. This track now returns you to the village.