Friday, 19 January 2018

Les Aresquirers, near Frontignan

Les Aresquirers, near Frontignan a beautiful wild paradise, cut off from the world. Little paths lead to tiny beaches and others into into the cool green pine forest. There is a choice of easy walks there; the main walk is around 7 or 8km/2h and has yellow markers but you can extend your walk into the salt marshes (9km/2h.30) or shorten the walk by taking any of the little paths through the forest to bring you back to the car park more quickly. There is plenty of parking just off the D114 as you cross the bridge coming from Frontignan plage. You will see large white gate post and a sign for the walk on the path at the waters edge. Follow this path past a large building, keeping to the left, then past little shell benches, along silty salt stained paths and wooden broad walks until you finally come to a wooden fence and a choice to take another board walk or you can go past the yellow cross (on your right) and over a small bridge along and path between the marshes.(If you just want to follow the yellow markers keep to the right over the broad walk to join the longer walk as it rejoins). Now on the path leading to some large old buildings in disrepair you will see another path to your right before the buildings, take this and it leads to another small car park near the road. Here turn right again on a wide track to rejoin the yellow path over a small bridge and a board walk. Once back to were you left for the marshes you now follow the yellow markers into the pines and past some vineyards before coming to a small stone building(the fontaine des Aresqueuiers). Keep on the wide track through the pine forest until you take a right turn to the first large building and then left to the original track back to the car park. There is lots of interest on this walk including watching the many wild sea and marsh birds, including flamingos and egrets. The plant life is really special there and we were treated to many wild orchids. Children will love the little beaches laced with tiny sea shells and in the warmer months there is always horse riding through the area on the beautiful white Camargue horses.

Thursday, 18 January 2018

Notre-Dame-de Tredos, Riols

Notre-Dame-de Tredos, Riols. This is a beautiful 4h30/13km/yellow/circular walk. We decided to make a shorter 7km walk up taking in the northern side of this walk, having done the southern side previously. Starting the walk by crossing the bridge, Park in the centre of the village next to the play park. Now walk up the hill until you see a yellow/2 sign on your left. Take this tiny Stoney, path up hill. Keep following this path until you reach a wide track and a green water container. Turn left and then left again onto the wide grassy path to reach the top at 543m. The view up here is super and prefect for a picnic spot. Now go down to the bottom of the hill to re-join the wide track. If you want to continue on the longer route turn left and follow the yellow markers, it's hard to go wrong as it's a strait forward route along the two parallel tops with the chapel in the middle. For those following our shorter route turn right and take the wide track to reach the little lane at the bottom of the valley. Turn right onto the road and head back into Riols, turning right to reach the car park.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Languedoc Photography group walk up the Gorge d'heric.

A walk with The Languedoc photography group today in the Gorge d'heric today. We enjoyed a very mixed walk up the gorge, with sunshine, rain, rainbows and wind but the company was great fun and after our walk we all came over to our little house in Mons and enjoyed lunch together.

 Thank you Lizzie for
adding these pictures of
our lunch together.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Vignes et patrimoine, Saint-Genies-de-Fontedit.

Vignes et patrimoine, Saint-Genies-de-Fontedit. 14km or 8km. 4.40h or 2.30h ,blue.
It was a warm, sunny welcome we received at the start of the walk. 16c isn't bad for a winter's walk. We opted to enjoy the northern half of the walk as this is our favourite part of the walk, enjoying the higher ground and good views. Start the walk by parking in the free car park behind the library in the centre of the village. Heading to the mairie turn right and then right again. At the top of the hill the track bears right again and now you are out in the countryside, surrounded by vineyards. The track continues and after crossing one track, turns left at the next to reach the road. Turn right and just before the wooden fence turn left onto a track through the fields once again. Continue following this track first left and then right down a Stoney path to reach a field. Cross the field and left onto the track until you come to a small road. Turn left and walk along this road until you return to the outskirts of the village. If you want to continue the longer walk or visit the chapel of saint Fulcran, turn right. The chapel is a little further on. The second part of the walk is mostly on a lower level though vineyards. The chapel is surrounded by little benches under small pines and makes a lovely picnic spot with glorious views of the snowy Pyrenees. Now return to the village with it's fascinating history of wonderful chateau walls and beautiful old houses.

Monday, 15 January 2018

St Martin des Oeufs, Olargues.

A beautiful walk starting from Olargues, in the Herault today. It's a lovely short circuit of around 7km or 8km. one blue markers. Starting by parking in Olargues. (we park near the river just past the memorial park).Turn up the small road just before the old garage on the ring road. At the end turn right and stay on this good track as it winds up the valley with lovely views of the Espinouse above. The views then turn to the east with views of the beautiful Caroux and the Jaur valley towards Mons. Here you will find the lovely little chapel of St Martin des Oeufs and a good picnic bench. Today there were lots of eggs outside it's door. Often I've seen a few placed there but today was the most. Continue on this track to cross the bridge and reach a small road. Turn right down the road were you will pass by some very friendly sheep and chickens who always run down for a fuss, clanging their large bells (not the chickens, just the sheep). After a while the road winds down into the hamlet of Le Cros. The track continues down to a right bend and then right again. The track will return you to the ring road around Olargues. There's no good way about doing this bit. Just turn right and walk along the road, taking care and soon you will be back at the car.

Friday, 12 January 2018

Los Cauguilhats, Autignac

A beautiful walk at Autignac today. Los Cauguilhats. 9km. 3h. The walk starts by parking at the southern end of the village. There is a good car park at the village hall and the walk starting post. Follow blue markers to your right down hill on a small lane to meet junction. Turn right and follow the road along side vines and fields of growing winter wheat. After crossing the stream on a bridge the road reaches the top of the hill where it turns right again to descend and reach the mill. This is a pretty building and the start of the valley that turns north towards the Avant Monts. Soon you will reach a stream crossing. Here you will see the rock of the bear. Keep heading north and turn right to cross the stream once again. (this spot makes a good picnic place). At the cross roads you can decide whether to return on the variant which is 2h and 7km or continue by turning left and here the scenery really begins. Beautiful views as you continue through vineyards and garrigue. Turn right and down to cross another stream before going up to the D road. There is about 50m of this road before you turn right onto the road back into the village.