Saturday, 27 May 2017

St julien, Along the river Jaur from Le colombier to Coulayro

St julien, Along the river Jaur from Le colombier to Coulayro. This is a short walk with good parking off the Voie verte at Le colombier (this is the vineyard building with a beautiful tower). cross the voie verte and walk down to the road (D908). Turn right and about 50km future along is a small track alongside a vineyard. Turn right and cross the river on a small bridge, then keep right on the track. After a short while the track disappears and becomes a tiny footpath. This path is lovely and cool under the trees and brings you out to this wonderful bathing spot (it's a secret by the way, so don't tell anyone else). Now if you would like to do the whole circular walk continue on up the little path which rises around the rock and then brings you back down to the river level. Soon the path becomes a track again and follows the Jaur into Olargues. Olargues is a delightful little village and there are a couple of cafes and bars ands also a wonderful pizzeria next to the old station building on the Voie verte. The path brings you out at the bottom of the village under the red bridge so you need to head up to the village and follow the signs for the voie verte. Now turn left onto it and cross the red bridge. Follow the voie verte back to the parking. Walking to the river takes about 20 minutes but along 1 to 2 hours for a return walk around Olargues and a swim.

Friday, 26 May 2017

Caux, vineyard walk.

Caux for a delightful sunny walk around the vineyards. So many beautiful flowers and the crops were ripening nicely. The passed the lovely Moulinas, Belles Eaux, St Helene and a number of crosses along the way. Returning to the town with it's 12th century church and lovely old builds, so well kept. The walk takes a little concrete chemin south and turns east at Moulinas to reach Mas Bellas Eaux. We turned up here to return on a tiny metalled road to reach Caux on it's eastern side near the cemetery. This walk takes about 1H 30m and it's about 7.5km. Very easy. The walk route that we had would have taken us to St Martin and at the ruins went up onto the little perch before returning over the north and west of the town. We will have to discover that area another time as it was rather warm today for a long walk.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Roquebrun and the Mediterranean garden

Roquebrun and the Mediterranean garden today for photography walk with the Languedoc Photography group. What a beautiful morning it was. The garden is open in the morning from 9am until 12. And 1.30pm until 5pm. It's not a large garden but the views are really beautiful. (Dogs allowed on a lead. 5 Euros 50. The beach there is great for swimming and paddling. Beautiful village too with plenty of bars and cafes.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Arboretum de l'Espaze, Camplong

Arboretum de l'Espaze, Camplong. 1H.30m/Yellow.Easy (this is part of a 4h/11km walk or variant of 3h/9km walk) It was a very hot afternoon and Phoebe my dog and I were looking for three things, shade, water and level. We found all three here but we also found paradise. Such a pretty walk in the dappled light through the beautiful old chestnut woods of Camplong. There is good parking for the arboretum at the far end of the village and it's a very pretty village too with a bar and a little outdoor restaurant just beyond the parking area. Follow the yellow markers over the Espaze(stream) and up a slight incline to reach a little wooden bridge over the stream. Now keep following the river path as it continues along the valley for about 3km, enjoy the beautiful light in the trees, the shade and sound of running water. It's a dog or a childs dream place. Don't turn left uphill at the first turn off, just keep on this path, it does cross the stream once again. There are lots of picnic benches and wooden benches to enjoy your surrounding or a picnic. Once I reached the last old chestnut house (about 3km) there is a left turn to complete the two longer walks. I simply turned around here and returned the same way, which took about 1.30H. I will look forward to completing the full walk another time when it's cooler and I have more time. This is an old mining area and many of the features of the areas history still remain.