Friday, 27 July 2018

Mont Caroux. Herault. France.

A beautiful morning walk on the Caroux today. Starting from Douch and heading up to the refuge on the GR7 red/yellow route which is also marked yellow as far as the hut. At the refuge turn right onto the little blue spot route and enjoy a different circuit. It takes you at first through trees and onto an open view of the valley before going down a rocky path to reach a stream. Cross the stream and go up to the little track at the top turning right. Follow this track up to reach a small path leading left to a beech tree and some rocks. This little path decends to reach the GR7 coming up from Heric on the col. Now turn right and return to Douch on the GR7. Good parking.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Mauroul up to Les Bourdlis, Herault.

A beautiful walk through the woods from Mauroul up to Les Bourdlis on the Espinouse today. It was hot but lovely and cool on this wonderful little footpath that follows the path of the stream. Several old chestnut stores along the way. This walk start in Maroul which has plenty of parking. Head up to the church and just behind you will find a little road to the gardens. Here the blue dotted route can be found. When the path reaches a wide track turn right and continue until the path restarts on the left up behind a small property in the wild. From this path you can walk along the escarpment of the Espinouse or to the Montahut. on the GR7. A circuit of the Espinouse can also be made from here, head first to the Montahut then onto Bardou St Martin du Froid and Salvergues.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Gorge d'heric, Mons La Trivalle, Herault, France.

A very beautiful walk this morning taking 4 hours. Up the ravine path from Mons Red/yellow to the col du Bardou and then down to Heric on the GR7 Red/white before continuing down through the gorge and back to Mons through the woods. Film from the top on this post. Lovely watching the eagle up there on my own and there were some mouflon early this morning in the ravine.

Sunday, 22 July 2018


A beautiful cool 8km walk at Camplong, Herault. today. We only walked along the beautiful stream path to the old chestnut house at the end of the valley and then returned the same way but it was lovely under the trees and Phoebe enjoyed a great swim.…/tourisme-ITILAR034V508QUX…

Friday, 20 July 2018

The Jaur, Olargues, France.

A lovely walk along the vioe vert and the Jaur this morning. This is a super round walk taking about 45 minutes to an hour. Start at the car park beside the vine yard with the round tower just off the main road between Mons La Trivalle and Olargues. Then head along the mostly shady vioe vert to reach and cross the red bridge. Now head past the lovely little pizza place which serves super pizzas and a small version for lunch. Turning left and left again around the school/college. Now heading back towards the river, take the first right onto a small track down to an old mill ruins. Keep on this small track along side the pretty Jaur river until you reach a junction. Turn left onto a grassy track continuing beside the river. Soon the path takes you up and over a large rocky area on a tiny path to reach some wonderful views of the valley and the mountains. Keep left here at the golden post. Continue down to a little beach, then on through the woods to reach a larger track. Keep right until you reach the junction at the bridge. Turn left and cross the bridge. Soon you will be back at the main road opposite the vine yard and it's house with the round tower. The walk is unmarked except for the golden post.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes, Aude, France.

A wonderful photography walk today at the Sentier Sculpturel de Mayronnes, it was such fun all enjoying a magical place and each others friendship. Looking forward to a few more being organised during the summer and autumn by members of the Languedoc photography group. The walk takes around 2.30 H and follows yellow markers. It's a little up hill at the start and near the finish but the scenery is beautiful and some great sculptures can be found of which there are around 30 on the circuit. Parking at the north east of the village and picnic benches near the start.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Rosis. Le Tour du Mouscaillou. Herault, France.

Rosis. Le Tour du Mouscaillou. 5km. 2h. blue in parts. This is a most delightful ramble. It smells deliciously of sweet, warm pines and honey scented flowers. The air is cool and the views are incredible. It just a favourite all time walk. Great for dogs with lots of water. Park at the col de Madale and walk the short distance to the next junction heading west. Turn down this little road and over the pretty bridge. Now keep heading up to the top of the hill. Someway past a small track on your right you will see some blue dots on the trees. Take this grassy path down to the track and then left up the track to the top of the hill, just past the house. Here you will see that the blue dots take you up through the beech woods to and down to a stream. Cross the cross, it was empty today. Then down a small overgrown path alongside a high wall to reach the small river. Don't cross the bridge, go over the track in front of the Chateau and then cross the tiny flat stone bridge and up to the road. Cross and go through the hamlet of Rosis. The little path will take you through the trees to reach the wonderful views at the col d'Aussieres. We often picnic here. You can do a fe different tracks here. I now go over to Massaral and Mouscaillou, the two rounded tops which were long ago volcanoes. The views are simply stupendous from up here. I tend to retrace my tracks and then take the wide track to my left that goes south down towards the road on zigzags through the forest. As you pass a field on your left watch out for the forest to change from pines to chestnuts. You will now see that here is a little path through the chestnuts that follows a low stone wall (on your left) It's marked with blue dots once again. The little path comes out onto the path that is marked yellow/red and blue too. Turn right and follow it back to the car park. It's a wonderful walk, full of magical forest, twinkling streams, flowers, butterflies, red squirrels, deer and the best views you can imagine. Just very lovely.