Monday, 26 March 2018

Le Roc Rouge, Bedarieux.

Le Roc Rouge, Bedarieux. 6km / 1.30h Blue markings. A lovely varied little walk, up to the rocks with fantastic views of the Orb valley, Caroux, Avant Monts and the Monts de Orb. Then over beautiful little causses, woodland and garrigue. The walk starts at a junction of the D146/D908, park on the Rue des Sablons (it's not far from the school, beside a roundabout with a blue sculpture). Walk up this little road to join a little chemin and cross the road to another chemin with a sign for climbing on the Roc Rouge. Take this little path which is marked blue. The track climbs quite steeply here (There are also new yellow markers here that go as far as the Roc Rouge). The track goes up hill and turns slightly to the left before reaching a sign for the climbing routes. Keep straight on here on a small path the goes right to the top of the rocks. You come to a junction of little paths, (the yellow path leaves to your left but it's worth a detour along the edge of the cliff to see the views and small stone huts that dot the landscape, lots of orchids up here in April but wild daffs in March). At this junction go straight on, the path descends between beautiful old stone walls that divide the once farmed little fields. Here there are lots of little mazets that have been long forgotten, it's another world. You now keep straight on when you reach a turning to the right and the track descends gradually through woodland and garrigue. When you reach another junction onto a small road turn right and right again at the next junction beside a house. This little road then ends at another house where you take a turn to the right onto a tiny rocky path through the trees where you will find more orchids, it comes back out onto a small take which goes downhill to a road. Turn right onto the road and follow this road back to the roundabout with the blue sculpture were you parked. Lots of beautiful flowers on this walk and wonderful views. It's not too long and easy to do for a family walk.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Alignan-du-vent, Herault

Alignan-du-vent, 4.5km, 1h.30, blue arrows. Park beside the campsite on the northern end of the village. Following blue arrows (there is also a newer yellow route here , but we stuck to the one that we know and like). The route heads north on a small track through vineyards and newly planted almond trees. It passes an odd collection of outbuildings and heads down towards the road. The route turns back up once again through almond trees and up towards the small hill. If you follow the yellow route here it will take you up onto this hill with it's lovely views of the fields and the mountains beyond. The route re-joins the one that you started on to return.

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Lieuran-Cabrieres. Herault.

Lieuran-Cabrieres. 8km. 2H 30. Easy. Yellow. This is a most beautiful walk with fabulous views all the way around. Parking in the centre of the village then as you leave the car park turn right and take the steeps to the pine woods. Turn left onto the track and follow it as it zigzags through the pines and reaches a sign post. Turn left here and follow the little path through the wood to reach a wider track. Where the track reaches a barrier turn sharp left. The path goes behind the aerial building and follows another little path up to reach a lovely lookout. Continue along the ridge you will the descend across an wide open area with amazing views on all sides. There is another special look out at the bottom of the slope. Turn right and continue along the side of the hill. Turn right on a corner and descend into a little walled path. Turn right to cross a wide open area. Soon you will reach a lovely capitelle (circular stone building). The yellow markers now take you up onto the last volcano -Mougno. The views are of the mountains of the whole area here and are just so very beautiful (picnic spot for us, but there were many more spots that would have been just as perfect). Now cross the top of the hill to take another path down. This turns right and circles around the north side of the hill. Take the take left down and the right back up to reach the barrier. The track turns right and then you descend on a tiny path down to reach the village. Magnificent!…/tourisme-ITILAR034V50GFRQ-1…

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Le Tour du Bessio. Herault.

Le Tour du Bessio. 1H 35. easy. 5km. This pretty walk, taking in three little hamlets is not marked although part of the walk is on the GR. Starting in La Billiere, reached by the D22 from Lamalou-les-bains. Park in the small car park behind the old school building and return to the road. Turn left past the church and keep left at the next turn. Head up to the right and out of the hamlet. Here turn left up the track and keep on this track as it winds up the hill passing small vineyards and lovely views of the valley. Take the right turn to reach a small road. Turn left here and head into the hamlet of Le Tourel. Just before the turn in the road you will see a left turn down a small path marked red/white GR. When you reach a small stone building turn right down the little track between the fields. The track takes you down to some pretty waterfalls at Le Cros. Keeping left over the bridge and left down a small road to cross another bridge over the stream. Here you will find a stone cross marking the place where two children died in the river back in 1867. The little road passes new chestnut fields and returns left over the bridge to the hamlet. A very pretty walk whatever time of year.

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Lac de Vezoles,

Lac de Vezoles, 2H 6km. Yellow. Easy. This is a level walk that enjoys beautiful views across the Jaur valley of the Avant Monts and the Pyrenees. Good parking next to the lake or at the picnic area. The lake is situated on the top of the beautiful Espinouse and can be reached from the D169 off the Col de Cabaretou above St Pons de Thomieres. After parking walk over the dam barrier and continue up through the woods to reach a left turn. Following the yellow markers turn left towards the lake. The path undulates between beech trees and meadows. There are several picnic areas along the route. At the end of the lake there is a long stone building (camp blanc) turn left here and cross the stream on the track. Now turn left again into the trees and continue along the other side of the lake. There are several areas of boardwalks on this side and plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach too. Continuing on you will reach the parking. If parking in the picnic area you will pass the Saut de Vezoles look out, otherwise walk up to it from the lake. It is also possible to extend this walk to a 3h30/10km walk by taking in the second part of the walk around the woods and view points along the edge of the mountain. To do this part follow the yellow and GR7 signs at the view point.