Monday, 13 March 2017

Pottern Wood, Verwood.

Pottern wood for a short walk and a game of hide and seek with one of my grandchildren this morning. It's a lovely spot for a wander with birdsong and beautiful trees. There are some very nice paths there and a picnic bench or two.

Hengistbury head

Hengistbury head today for a walk and a trip to the beach with our youngest grandson. It's a lovely spot for walking dogs, playing on the beach with little ones and has a great cafe too. The Noddy train is fun as well. Large car park and free parking on road for up to an hour.

Ringwood Forest

Lovely walk around a favourite route in Ringwood forest this morning. This one is an east circuit from the Chase car park.

Friday, 10 March 2017


Above Tarassac. A lovely last walk, exploring the opposite side of the valley to Mons. Through Tarassac and up to the col des Parties. Here I continued on the small track straight up the hill rather than turning left to the river or right up the wide zigzags. This is a very pleasant track through lovely chestnuts and wonderful views of the Caroux. You can keep going on this track once you reach the top or like me take the track to your right which joins back up with the wide zigzag one. I came back down here but there are many possibilities if you wish to explore the tops. The views on the way down are towards Vieussan and the Jaur valley to the west. Once you return to the co des Parties cross to the track opposite but almost immediately you will see a tiny path on the left. Take this to reach the edge of the escapement above the River Orb, there are some amazing views towards the Caroux here. Now return to the track back down to Tarassac, it's a pretty little village. The yellow/blue bridge has some wonderful views too over the river to the old mill. Once over take the little track opposite the fire station to Verdier Bas, through the hamlet and up the little path beside the River Heric to the gorge car park. If you have come from Mons as I had done it's through Verdier Haut now and on through the pretty chestnut woods to the village.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Les Palombieres de St Pons

At it was our vet visit this afternoon we planned to walk at St Pons. A new walk for today. Les Palombieres de St Pons.The yellow route is 5 km 2h. but we did a slightly different older route that was marked blue 4.5km 1h30. It's an easy walk but with a steady climb up the hill to reach the flat top of the hill that sits above the north of the town. The walk starts by parking near to the roundabout next to the cinema and walking up the road past the bakers, the children's playground and the fire station. If you decide to stick to the newer yellow route, this turns off to the left. Our route turns right and bears left then right just before the last house onto a little stoney track with a high stone wall. At the top it bears left and then turns right to join the yellow route (there is also a longer orange route up there too that takes 2h30 and is 7km). Our route now turns left on this lovely track with delightful views of the Espinouse and Caroux. Further along the route turns to the right where the views are down the valley and then towards the town and the Avant Monts as it turns right once again. The little paths are quite delightful up here with lovely old stone walls. The route now reaches the houses once again where it turns left and goes down hill into the town. At the bottom of the road the route bears left and then turns right down a lane of lovely old buildings. Now the route turns left and right and onto the main road. St Pons is a lovely old town with castle walls and a very large old church which is well worth visiting.