Monday, 29 April 2019

Le Puech Rouch, Lacoste and Les Bories

Le Puech Rouch, Lacoste and Les Bories. 8.5km or 6km. Yellow, but markers are very poor on this walk and it's better to use the cycle route 2 markers and a map). 2H 30m. The walk starts at the junction just past Les Bories (at the cross). It's a beautiful walk with views, flowers, vineyards and woods. There is a good area of parking at the juction. Walk on the small track road towards to bergerie (sheep farm, keep dogs on a lead over the hillside). It's a lovely walk with wonderful views of the balconies of Lac de Salagou and the mountains around. From here you can see down the lake from the barrier. The walk turns right over the hill and through woods, here you can choose to leave the main route by turning off right on a tiny path through the woods at a corner. This path leads down through vineyards and saves about 3km and an incline on the return. The main path leads down on a wide track towards Lacoste. Say on the wide track and don't take any other turns until you are in the village. Once in the houses you will see a small turning right down a tiny rocky pathway between two gardens. This brings you out at a junction of paths below the village. Now turn right and continue, over a bridge and keep on this little road as it crosses a stream bed and up steps to continue on the tiny road into Les Bories. Turn right in the village and it will bring you to the through road. Turn right again, keeping along side a vineyard and return to the cross where you parked.

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