Friday, 19 May 2017

St Julien, the priory and Les Horts.

St Julien. About 4.5 km, 1.15 H unless you want to do the whole walk up to the castle which takes 2H and is 6km. A very pretty short walk, easy too. Good parking at the start beside the voie verte next to the vineyard building. The walk turns left and heads up to the road, turning right onto the road and left off to the priory. The walk follows little white arrows with the walk name on them. There is a nice bench and toilets at the priory. Children from the local school were enjoying a visit to the honey farm there today. Now walk in the opposite direction down to join the road again and go down the small road signposted Les Horts. The small road goes down through deep shade and then rounds a meadow beside a small stream. Go up the zigzags top join the road into Les Horts on a right turn. Once in the hamlet turn right down a small lane and stay on this track through pretty fields to finally join the road just before the voie verte. Turn left onto the road and right up a tiny path onto the voie verte. The parking is a little way ahead.

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